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Are you looking for biological family using DNA testing?

If you were adopted, or otherwise do not know the identity of a biological parent or grandparent, TRGS is here to help. Prospective clients receive a free 30-minute initial consultation, which can be done by phone, via Zoom, or in person. *

If both parties agree to move forward, TRGS will conduct initial research to determine where the case stands and the amount of time it is likely to take to solve, which will vary from case to case. The fee for this phase is $150. This information will be presented to the client within two weeks.** 

From there, TRGS and the client will determine the exact research question to be answered, if possible, and establish a budget based on the number of hours it likely will require and the client's budget.


The client must agree to provide TRGS access to the results of any pertinent DNA kits, as well as any other documentation or information they may already have found. 

If the client wants to proceed, but wants to take the lead on the research, TRGS can act as a coach, providing advice and helping to direct the client's research in the right direction. Consultations may be scheduled as often as the client requests. 

Additionally, the client will be asked to upload raw DNA files  to other testing companies and sites. For example, FamilyTree DNA accepts "raw" DNA results from both 23andMe and Ancestry. (At this time, Ancestry does not accept tests from any other company.)  


Such transfers, initially, are free. However, there us a $20 fee required for the researcher to use any of these sites' online tool. The client will be billed for these fees.


TRGS also will recommend that the client allow DNA test uploads to This is a free website. The client can request their own separate account or allow TRGS to add their kit into our existing account. ††


For the sake of transparency, this is the website that has been in the news lately. CeCe Moore and other genetic genealogists have been hired through Paragon Nanolabs, which works with law enforcement to use DNA from crime scenes to identify perpetrators whose DNA has been recovered from a crime scene. 


Any client not comfortable with uploading DNA to GEDMatch may opt out. However, keep in mind that the identity of each tester can be kept completely anonymous, even though it is a public site. TRGS will set up each kit with a code name and attach its business email address. 


In each case, TRGS will create speculative family trees on These trees cannot be found in any searches and are kept completely confidential. The client will be invited to be a collaborator to these trees, so that they may view them at any time.  †††




TRGS will maintain contact with the client (the client is free to contact us, too) throughout the research project. Contact will be made either by phone, email or Facebook Messenger. The client is encouraged to contact TRGS at any time.


TRGS maintains its own subscriptions to Ancestry, GEDMatch and other paid sites that may be used in performing a client’s research. The client will never be billed for any of these fees.



The client will be billed for mileage and expenses, if the meeting location is beyond a 30-mile radius of Madison, Ind.


*For AncestryDNA kits, that means simply going to the DNA settings and opting to allow TRGS to view the kit results. For FamilyTree DNA and 23andMe kits, access likely will involve providing TRGS with the username and password of all pertinent kits.


†  All information obtained by TRGS by accessing a client's DNA kits, as well as all usernames and passwords, will remain completely confidential. TGRS will not share any information with anyone other than the client, unless the client requests information be shared with a specific person.

†† TRGS has it's own GEDMatch account and pays a monthly fee to that website for access to its advanced DNA analysis tools. By allowing TRGS to add a client's kit to the TRGS GEDMatch account, the client is ensuring the researcher can take advantage of the advanced tools. All client kits will be deleted from the TRGS GEDMatch account immediately after the research is completed, or at any other time at the client's request.



††† To access speculative Ancestry trees created by TRGS for a client, the client will be required to set up an account. However, the client will not be obligated to pay a subscription fee to see those trees.

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