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DNA test results!

Advances in commercial DNA technology, combined with traditional genealogical research methods, creates powerful tools for solving your family history mysteries.
Twisted Roots Research is committed to helping people who are seeking biological family: Phyllis Codling McLaughlin can offer strategies to help beak down "brick walls," as well as to help clients find biological parents because adoption files are sealed or mission, people who were abandoned as infants, orphaned, or unable to shine light on tightly held family secrets. 
Or maybe you just want to spend an hour or two learning what your DNA results mean. Phyllis offers hour-long presentations, workshops that may include two or more presentation on that topic, and share case studies to show to put genetics together with traditional genealogical research methods.


"I have eagerly attended numerous educational opportunities in the United State to learn the best practices of genealogy research and research that requires DNA testing," Phyllis said. 


She has successfully identified biological parents for numerous clients, most of whom had been adopted at birth. 


Call or email her today with questions about your research and ways she might be able to help. All first-time consultations are up to 1 hour

Whatever your research needs, Twisted Roots is here to help.

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