Update on Nale family photos

I just got off the phone with a lovely lady, Mildred Coleman, whose father was Emerson Nale!

She informed me that his wife, Mamie Frances Marshall, was not the only daughter of Don Carlos Sheridan and Rosa Alice (Overton) Marshall. She had two sisters, Betsy Iona and Addie or Adeline. 

She said Nale was an Americanized version of the German name Nagle, which is fascinating to me, as one of my great-great-grandmother's maiden name was Nagle, according to a death certificate of one of her sons. It's amazing to me how many of my own surnames turn up when doing research for other families.

Anyway, Emerson owned and operated a farm off of State Route 135 south of Salem, Ind. 

And as far as his father's name – Orange Lemon Nale – her theory is that maybe the family just loved citrus fruit, which was not as easy to obtain in those days as it is today. 

I confess, the research I did on the families and their photos was not extensive and in no way complete. But Mildred's friend, Ellen Miller, saw my post and got Mildred in touch with me.

I'm so happy that I will be sending her the childhood photo of her father, Emerson. I hope that the family keeps that photo for generations to come. 


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